I take inspiration from nature, especially the birds and animals that live with us in the city. Their presence has a mystical quality. I like to combine images drawn from these animal presences with religious or social symbols in the urban context. This mixture creates powerful feelings of harmony and discord for me. Much of my work explores this concept.

Discarded windows are readily available. They have age and a history of use. Many windows with wood frames are beautiful by themselves as objects The shape of the enclosures often suggests to me what I should fill them with. I look at and through the window and paint what I am interested in at the moment and what I know. As a person who has always lived in big cities, what I see is often seen through glass. I view the world through the windshield of my car or through the windows in my home. It feels natural to me that my paintings should reflect this quality.

Karen Dewinter Visual Artist
Seattle, Washington